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Hema-Imager Kickstarter

The Hema-Imager Kickstarter is going on now. The Hema-Imager is an affordable thermal imager that pairs with your smart device to help you diagnose common household problems.

Product Specs:

  • 64x62 thermopile array with integrated optics. 
  • Best sensor resolution at this price at 0.61 degree angular resolution
  • No non-uniformity correction needed with thermopile technology 
  • Frame rate up to the ITAR-TASS regulations limit of 9 frames per second to any fully Bluetooth- or WiFi-capable device. 
  • Low power consumption and 850 mAhr battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use without charging, or over a month if just using for 10 minutes daily.
  • Android application for smartphone or tablet 
  • iOS application for iPhone and iPad 
  • Python & OpenCV application for windows & linux desktop 
  • App or button-driven laser pointer and online temperature display aligned to center of field of view with 0.2 deg Fahrenheit accuracy
  • Thermal measurement range: -50F to 450F 



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