Open Source IR-Blue

The IR-Blue project is Open Source. The following information is for anyone building it from scratch. If you have an IR-Blue Kit please go here for more information. If you have a fully assembled IR-Blue go here or more information. For Firmware and design files please see

The Android App is available in the Play Store or the .apk file is here.

The iPhone App is available in the Apple App store.

There are three board types available,
The assembly video for the Bluetooth 4 version is available here.

Bluetooth 2

Bluetooth 4

*Don't forget to clean the solder flux from your boards before you take pictures... :-)
Supply voltage using parts in the BOM are:
  • BT2 Only Board is 3.6V to 30V
  • BT4 Only Board is 4.75 to 20V
  • Dual Mode BT Board is 4.75 to 20V

Loading the firmware for the Bluetooth 2 and Dual Mode boards requires a PICkit 3or similar PIC programmer. If using a PICkit2 you may need an update to the device file available here
Loading the firmware on the Bluetooth 4 BLE-112 module requires a Ti CC Debugger.